The Anatomy of AcroYoga: Week 3 Training w. @AcroLoonies

Let's break AcroYoga down right, to build ourselves up the best way we can. And we're talking AcroYoga and beyond :) Thursday, May 4 - from 7-8:30pm (not 10pm!).

Michael Ken aka Acroloonies is an AcroYoga addict and life enthusiast who teaches acro workshops all over the region on weekends. Now he's customized a beautiful 8 week curriculum to get us started. Each week, you'll start with some yoga, as "The best acroyogis have a solid yoga foundation first!" Then, on onto drills under the massive outdoor dome, before moving inside for your acro play :)

Acroyoga is more than fitness, more than breaking a sweat, more than yoga, more than acrobatics. It’s a way to make the most of this world as a playground. It’s a way to have fun, to laugh, to try, to communicate, to receive kindness, to trust our playmates, to commit to supporting them. In a huge, stunning open air dome under the sky with the breeze, what better playground than here? (And imagine the pictures!)

FLYERS - which body part you should prepare first before you start a cartwheel? BASE - which body part plays the biggest role in controlling your flyer's movement?

Want the answers? Let's get serious about acroyoga this time! Michael Ken has lined up an 8 week series to help you better understand the anatomical aspects of training with a partner.

Doesn't it make sense? To train and play with other humans, you need to understand how a human functions.

** Come for all classes, or come when you can - either way, you'll leave impressed from what you've achieved. Fun, flexibility, strength, balance, communication, trust. Find that all in yourself and in others. No prior experience necessary, no need to come with a partner, no mat needed -- just the right spirits and attitude to have fun and get over your fears.

Michael’s style is Flow. “I don’t see acroyoga as pose 1, then pose 2. I see the middle, the 1.5. Because if you can stop between 2 poses to maintain control, then any acro pose will be within grasp.”

Week 2 - Acro Hip HIPS Hooray!

** Thurs, May 11 @ 7-8:30pm
* rm35 cash or online here

Class packages:
- 4 classes - rm120 (15% off)
- 6 remaining classes - rm150 (30% off)

* mats provided
* car park lot available
* located right off the Taman Jaya LRT - 1 stop from Universitii (Bangsar South), and 4 stops from Bangsar

Also why not come earlier to rock climb?! ;)
Open 10am - 8pm on weekends (weekdays: 4pm - 10pm)
Or pole dance for ladies? www.facebook.com/xerogravitystudio

Weekly focus:
1) Feet, 2) Hips, 3) Wrist & Palm, 4) Shoulder blades, 5) Toes, 6) Shoulders & Neck, 7) Core, 8) Back

Stay tuned for some examples of amazing feats you can achieve with AcroYoga! But for now:

"The little tips Micheal gave really helps a lot despite just being small adjustments. I realise its a lot easier to do certain things with those tips in mind. That moment when you get the position right everything just clicks and kinda feel like you won't fall no matter what. It was pretty fun basing people that are heavier than me especially the other 2 as well." ~ James Lee

Thu May 18, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM MYT
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Xero Gravity Rock Climbing Gym
1 Class SOLD OUT RM35.00
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6 Remaining Weeks (30% off) SOLD OUT RM150.00
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